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ArchDaily & Strelka Award 2021 ArchDaily & Strelka Award 2021

ArchDaily, Strelka Institute, and Strelka KB have selected a long list of 50 architectural projects nominated for the joint ArchDaily & Strelka Award, which celebrates emerging architects and new ideas that transform the contemporary city. / Редакции ArchDaily, Strelka Mag и КБ Стрелка отобрали 50 претендентов на победу в открытом конкурсе для молодых архитекторов, отстаивающих новый подход к проектированию.

The Winners

  • Infrastructure

    Atyrau Bridge / New Moon Architects
  • Cultural Architecture

    National Library of the Republic of Tatarstan / XOPA
  • Public Architecture

    Durtuli Community Spaces / Orchestra Design

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